Thursday, December 16, 2010

~ Lessons from the 'Little Gent' ~

OH….if only I had a photograph of this evening as this is a memory I don’t want to forget!

Last week I took the ‘little gent’ shopping as I was with his mom when she spotted a necklace that she loved.  Our evening was ‘too brisk’ for Florida, however it lent itself to the Christmas spirit. We scurried into Charming Charlies and quickly located the beaded beauty that his mommy had spied. He proudly told me he had $7.00 in his purse of which he would use $5 for this necklace because he still had to get something for his dad too. As we approached the checkout counter he decided to get his money out. With beads in one little hand and his purse in the other, he plopped down right in the middle of the floor. He pulled out a tight roll of bills. As he unraveled each bill the little green pile stacked up. OH friend, if only I could freeze this memory. His beautiful brown curls circling his head, the small pile of money, the necklace laying on his knee, shoppers pausing for a moment to see a child experiencing the true spirit of Christmas ~ I have to admit my throat swelled with emotion.

As we stepped back outside hand in hand, holiday music and the lighted palm trees enchanting us, the ‘little gent’ said to me with a precious, sweet look, “Mema, my dad’s right, it does  make me happier to give!” 

Ladies, as we draw this year to a close, Lindsey and I will be spending our time with the most important people of our lives….our family.  This is our final post of 2010 and it comes with the warmest wishes of a fulfilling and meaningful holiday. ~ Jeannie

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~Sugar Plum Fairy~

  Bon Bon’s, Mouse King, Herr Drosselmeier, Sugar Plum Fairy…
      Last year we attended a Nutcracker Ballet for the very first time. Mom and I and the ‘Little Lady’ awaited the day with great anticipation. We were not to be disappointed. The exquisite costumes were fashioned in Russia. The dancers had skill and precision from hours of practice, driven by a passion only known to a ballerina. The Beauty on stage that night was breathtaking and talked about all year long.
      Now once again, our tickets are purchased and we count down the days when we will dress up and enjoy the event all over again.
     This time we have a very special guest who will be joining us. This Beautiful Lady will make our entourage 4 generations instead of 3. She is my precious Grandma Pearl who has influenced my life in the most wonderful way. (That makes Great-Grandma for the ‘Little Lady’.)
She flew in from Kansas for this unforgettable occasion. 
     We won’t even be able to capture the Beauty of the night on film, but oh, we will try… ~Lindsey