Thursday, September 30, 2010

~Miss Maime's Manner~

While visiting the gift shop at the St. Louis arch this summer we discovered the little treasure book “Children’s Manners and Morals”. I posted a bit below that I think you may find fun and interesting. While amusing to read we started wondering how we can implement more ‘training’, if you will, for our Little Lady and Gent. Here is one idea. Post a new manner every week on the fridge white board and discuss and practice daily. We are trying that and have started with the manner that is in the frame below. Our plan is to change it  every week. If you have ideas, please share them with us and if you try our idea, let us know how it worked.


“The most important of all earthly things are purity of heart and correctness of principle.” –The Girl’s Own Book, 1834


1. Remember that God sees all your actions and all your thoughts.

2. Never forget the golden rule, to do by others as you would have others do by you.

3. Deal frankly with all, particularly with your parents or guardian, never   attempt to conceal your actions, or your motives.

4. When you have formed a good resolution, never put off the time for carrying it into execution.

5. Be as polite and amiable at home, as if you were among strangers.

6. Cherish love for your brothers and sisters.

7. Next to goodness, strive to obtain knowledge.

8. Have a scrupulous regard to neatness of person.
                        -The Girl’s Own Book, 1834


  1. Love your refrigerator idea! I'm an empty-nester and my grandkids live far away, but I would surely implement it if I had little ones around.

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! Your dolly memory was wonderful--you must have had a very special dad to do that. :) You should participate in Flashback Friday--it would attract a lot of new readers to your wonderful blog!

  3. Thank you for all of your insight and encouragement as we are new to the blogging world:)
    We would love to participate in the Flashback Friday. I'm so glad you mentioned that because we didn't realize that it was something weekly to participate in. What a wonderful idea! Thanks again...