Wednesday, September 22, 2010

~Simplicity in Beauty~

As I watch Sadie, my oldest grand-daughter, dressed up in her soft pink  tights and worn ballet slippers, ‘perform’ the Nutcracker in my living room I am once again in awe of the simplicity of beauty.  Trying so hard to keep her toes pointed and her legs straight, fingers held a certain way, and oh yes…don’t forget to smile pretty.  Just as the actual performance moved me to tears last year so her ‘in-home’ performance can do the same. That to say while I want to ‘stop and smell the roses’,  ‘throw my hat in the tree’  or in this case, ‘watch the ballet show’ so often I think that I am too busy. (For me) it’s time for a change. It’s time to pick a flower and put it in a tiny vase, it is time to look into a dear friends face and see her beauty (wrinkles and all), it is time to notice the detail in a lacy doily lovingly fashioned by my ancestors, it is time to use the good dishes….just because, it is time watch the butterfly float around the back yard.  Join me in taking a breath and soaking in the simple beauties. ~Jeannie

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  1. Sadie Jane is the most beautiful little red head:) She reminds me of myself when I was younger, dancing in my bedroom when i was supposed to be taking a nap! My "simple beauty" now is baking in the kitchen while listening to the Dolly Parton White Christmas CD, and watching the snow fall outside! That is an amazing blessing from God! And as Sadie grows up, I know she is going to be such an amazing woman, and be such an influence on everyone around her! Not to mention, absolutely gorgeous! Daddy is going to have to watch out for those boys!