Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~The Day To Be Thankful~

Festivities are in the air and I’m sure today we have all started preparing in some fashion or another for our beloved Thanksgiving!
Family arriving from far away, thawing the turkey, making the homemade dinner rolls, “dressing” the table we’ve had planned out for weeks to be a special and memorable treat. We have been diligent practicing with the ‘Little Lady and Gent’ at tea parties to use their “bestest” manners, ‘Please pass the rolls, Oh, the sweet potatoes are delicious’. Always remember not to smack those lips and yes, the napkin is for your face and your face is not to be wiped on your sleeves. Each of us carries with us our own traditions for our families that we have created or learned from our mothers and grandmothers before us.
Teaching the ‘Little Gent’ for the first time about our pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving has caused me to be in awe more than ever before how privileged we truly are, the hardships they endured for our freedoms and comforts now!
Among all the vast differences and how things have changed between 1621 and 2010 I am touched by our similarities…
Still overflowing from our hearts is a gratefulness for life well lived amongst the struggles we endure today. Still we gather with dear friends and precious family for laughter and fun and Still we prepare an abundant and special meal to be enjoyed by those we love. May we all enjoy this week and remember old memories as well as create new ones…
We would so much enjoy hearing of your traditions for this Day to be Thankful! ~Lindsey

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